HBW Workshop 1


A workshop is ideal when you want to focus the improvement of skills and competences/improving skills and competences in an interactive way. This programme can be filled in in different ways. Examples are an application training, LinkedIn-training or a training in personal branding. In addition, a workshop also offers the possibility to analyse certain themes or problems and translate these to practice.

Company presentation

During a company presentation one can get acquainted with the daily work and processes within interesting companies. Following, companies can explain a subject of their expertise and in this way inform students about practical subjects between the business process.

HBW Masterclass

Networking drink

The networking drink gives both students and companies the opportunity to interact with each other in an informal way. Get the opportunity to discuss about relevant and interesting subjects in health care while enjoying a drink!


After the opening of the HBW, a proper/cosy/fancy diner will take place. This alumni-diner is exclusive for the HBW-participants and alumni. This diner offers the possibility to get to know the alumni in an informal way and exchange experiences.
Cropped image of hands of businesspeople working together on business project at office - Consulting

Business Case (CV-selection)

Through a business case, students will work in teams on a case given by interesting companies. This is ideal for companies to find the high potential students, where they are looking for. Students are also getting challenged at the same time to solve a practical case in an analytic way. Based on a CV-selection, the chosen students will get the opportunity to practise cases and get more known in the application procedure.

Inhouse-day (CV-selection)

An inhouse-day gives students the opportunity to take an exclusive look at interesting companies and orientate if the company may be a match. An inhouse-day often takes place at the main location of a company or at a special location. Companies themselves determine the completion of the program at the location. This can include presentations, business cases, informal drinks and of course a tour of the company. During an inhouse-day, you will get to know the (crème de la crème?) special students participating in the Health Business Week through CV selection. Students are given the opportunity to leave their ‘ultimate business card’ behind.

Creative meeting 2
Meeting 2

Speed-interviews (CV-selection)

Speed interviews provide the opportunity to conduct one-on-one conversations with companies and top talents/outstanding students in a short period of time. In this way, companies and students can make personal acquaintances. The speed interviews basically have an orientation function, but can also be used as a first round selection for attracting new trainees or starters. To increase the chance of potential matches, students will be selected by companies based on a CV selection. The duration of the speed interviews will be 10 minutes per student per conversation.

Company lunch (CV-selection)

During a friendly business lunch, there is an opportunity for companies and students to get in contact in an informal way. Participation in this lunch is exclusively for students who are selected based on CV selection.