About HBW


Dear readers,

Thank you for visiting the Health Business Week website, we our proud to inform you about the biggest health care related business week in the Netherlands. All of you have one thing in common; a deeply embedded passion for health care. Health care is currently one of the most dynamic sectors and it is changing rapidly. These factors result in high demand for young professionals, which have disturbing and renewing knowledge about the fast-moving sector.

After you graduated there are many organizations with different perspectives on health care to start working at. Also, many people will ask you where you want to start working after you graduated. Some students are quite certain about their future plans, whereas other are less sure and require more insights.

Knowing what you want to achieve in your future job and which direction it is going to take you is important, because many organizations are looking for students with knowledge about the health care sector. Therefore, it is important to have a clear image about the different possibilities and for this reason the health business week is organized. Many companies, big and small, are collaborating with us, from consultancies to pharmaceuticals and from insurers to health care providers.

The Health Business Week is an annual event organized by the Faculty Association Share. It is the most known career event for (future) professionals in the health care. We connect student from all over the Netherlands with many different companies. Traditionally the week starts with a kick-off event, in which guest speakers from the health care elaborate on a central theme. The rest of the week consists of several activities as; presentations, workshops, speed interviews, business cases and informal activities which brings companies and students closer to each other. Next to that, special activities are aimed at networking, such as dedicated social drinks or a company lunch. During these moments, new connections can be made and they may result in matches between companies and students. The events are very diverse and they will offer interesting opportunities for everyone, despite the phase of education you are in.

Did you become curious? Care about your future and make sure you you will attend the Health Business Week in 2018! At the end of the week you will have a clearer picture about your future career opportunities. Moreover, you will be better able to envision where you want to start working in future and what will drive you.

I’ll hope to see you all during the Health Business Week 2018.

On behalf of the HBW-committee,

Eline Scheer
Chairman Health Business Week 2018